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Covered man enters and cuts specialists throat. Family see her there and what is she doing here. Meera taunts though Pammi gave him birth, he is bought up by evil Roma, so he is very arrogant. He threatens her with a bomb which could blow up Vivaan and the rest of the house. Pammi walks away thinking she cannot meet her daughter now. Vivan attempts to make sense of, yet she says she cant believe him and for what reason would it be a good idea for her she when she sees him with Paromita, she will figure out truth. Specialist cant hear her. Vivaan assumes that Meera likes Sunny and consumes alcohol to vent his anger. Vivan shouts he did not shoot. Vivan opens door and runs towards OT. She figure she ha to caution specialist, calls him and requests to not open entryway. She asks his name. Kidnapper warns him that he has very less time, else he will lose 1 family member. Meera calls specialist. Meeras inner voice tells her that she should tell Vivaan everything, but she feels conflicted. She says a mother cannot harm her children, he has to give one more chance to his mother. Nurse takes 1 unit of blood and for another unit, she searches blood vessel on Meeras hand. He strolls to her and attempts to redirect her consideration, then, at that point, sees box and inquires as to whether she is irate, turns off light and strolls nearer to her. Later, the police investigating the doctors murder show up at home and demand everyones fingerprints. Meera then takes Nimmo aside and asks how did she get money. We start the episode withPammi is about to tell Vivan that she is Pammii and says shewhen Vivan stops her and asks to tell where Pammi isShe says she does not know. Vivan opens briefcase when he sees someone peeping via window and runs out. Meera is struck by sinister visions of a woman. Nurse comes and informs no need for that as someone gave blood. Laali meanwhile learns that a golden statue is being brought home. Meera has a nightmare of a woman being attacked in her house on a stormy night, but Vivaan consoles her. He walks to her and tries to divert her attention, then sees box and asks if she is angry, switches off light and walks closer to her. Vivan insists. Meera asks what happened. Vivan asks Meera to go home and rest as she has given 3 units of blood (really). The next day, Vivaan is shocked to see Silky in his room and she accuses him of trying to force himself upon her. Everyone is relieved to hear this news. Vivan tries to explain, but she says she cannot trust him and why should she when she sees him with Paromita, she will find out the truth. Nurse says patients bhabhi Mrs. Meera Kapoor. She then returns to her room and falls asleep. Biji gives him sindoor and asks to apply it on Meeras forehead. Laali smirks. She walks towards Meera, but Meera walks away and she falls down. She hides reminiscing Vivan warning not to come in front of him and his sister. Their nok jhok and romantic lukhaa chupi starts. Dolly calls and asks how is she. She wakes up and thinks she has to go and find a clue. Roma walks in and says she wants Amaya to be airlifed to UK hospital. Meera walks in wearing a beautiful gown. Thank you for reading Bridal material Wednesday 15th June 2022 Zee world. At the launch party later, Meera delivers a speech with conviction. She intimidates and gets him to cooperate in locating Sunny, but he is soon shot dead. Roma goes to have samosas at canteen. She sees Sherri and her brother getting arrested and thinks now nobody can doubt her. She stops him and yells he is a killer and traitor. Meera says she is here to fulfill her MILs dream and with a drama artist starts enacting Paromita and Vivans love story on Ek Haseena Thisong Finally the actor shoots Meera and she falls down. Vivan nods he will not. Bridal material on zee world, Friday 24th June 2022 update: Meera envisions a concealed man killing specialist. Inspector picks call and informs that doctor is murdered. In a twist of fate, Amar, Dolly and Sweety see the entire fight over a video call. Home Bridal material on zee world, Friday 24th June 2022 update. Vivan continues shouting at doctors to find AB negative blood. Vivaan and Meera perform a ritual, Tulika chants an ominous mantra, and Meera faints! In a desperate bid to revive Vivaan, Meera calls upon the doctors. Will this mould her into a desirable daughter-in-law or strengthen her spirit to live life on her own merit? We don't have any reviews for Bridal Material. Vivan says Paromita is his friends girlfriend and not his. Vivan says Amaya will not go anywhere. Vivan and Paromitas photo is shown flickering on mat, flies and falls in front of Maatas idol. Meera is stunned to hear that and goes up against devi maa why blameless individuals are killed, why she isnt seeing beam of life, she wont ask god from hereon and light sanctuary light. SEE ALSO:Married Again On Zee World Tuesday 5th July 2022 Update. Roma fumes and thinks Meera took praises again, she will not spare her. Meera steals the contact details of the eyewitnesses and tracks down the first witness, Madanlal. Man slips and falls on the ground and finds wall debris, then opens the locker and does not find the diary. Vivan says Paromita is his companions sweetheart and not his. Vivan stands mesmerized with her beauty. He then gets a call about the stolen statue. Amar thanks Laaali. Meera hides. Click here to login or here to sign up. In the evening, SKAs reopening party starts. Meera thinks Pammi cannot harm her children. Mr Wiseman, A Certified Optician A lover of teaching and learning, A quality content writer and designer, Lots of Information On Education, entertainment, News, Favorite Movies, Carrier Guide you will get @ myschoolgoodies .Like and Share. Boss orders to get it at any cost, it has drugs worth crores. Sunny and Vivaan fight tooth and nail until Vivaan thrusts Sunny off the cliff. Dolly is shocked to see the setup and guesses it to be something evil. Meeera senses someone around, but walks in to Bijis room. She understands she found consumed photograph in hall, that implies Vivan consumed it. Dolly senses a heavy gush of air and thinks it will rain soon. Meera understands that Paromita cut Vivans named birthday cake and says they met first time on this day and shows Vivans named tattoo on her neck. Meera walks to her and says she heard her and Vivans conversation, Vivan is both wrong and right, if she knows Pammi, she should inform her that she should come out and prove her innocence as someone is trying to harm Amaya and Vivan in Pammis name. When she regains her senses, she brings Vivaan to a police station. Meera hesitates. She strolls to passage to look through hint and finds enclose stowed away ground. He says his friends name is also Vivan and they befriended because of same name, Paromita is his friends girlfriend. Later, when Meera decides to agree to her fathers wish, Vivaan is shattered. When Meera falls into a swamp and loses consciousness, Vivaan takes care of her. She is determined to expose Vivans love story in front of everyone. She searches some box in the cupboard and does not find it, thinks she kept it here, then where did it go. She look through some crate in cupboad and doesnt find it, thinks she kept it here, then where did it go. Dolly confronts Laali. She thinks back Vivan attempting to redirect her consideration and saying she is simply envisioning things and yells it is reality of Vivans past. Vivan says he cannot love her as he loves someone else. Your Blog for all your Favorite Zee World and Starlife series. Im On The Edge Monday 25th July 2022 Update Zee Im On The Edge Sunday 24th July 2022 Update Zee Im On The Edge Saturday 23rd July 2022 Update Im On The Edge Friday 22nd July 2022 Update Zee Im On The Edge Thursday 21st July 2022 Update My Heart Knows Friday 25th July 2022 Update Zee World, Extraordinary Attorney Woo Season 1 Episode 7, Anupama Saturday 23rd July 2022 Update Starlife, Anupama Friday 22nd July 2022 Update Starlife, Anupama Thursday 21st July 2022 Update Starlife. Meera asks to repeat in Hindi and runs to call Vivan and falls down, she gets up and runs again. Meera realizes that Paromita cut Vivans named birthday cake and says they met for the first time on this day and shows Vivans name tattoo on her neck. She hears Meera speaking to Preeto and asking if she remembers what is her blood group. Vivan shouts she told she knows Pamm, but now lying that she does not know, his sisters condition is worse because of Pammi, he hates even Mrs. Singh now as she is hiding Pammis whereabouts, he will not spare even her, shouts to get out. Meera fumes that Vivan lied and betrayed her, how can he, why did he do that. Meera asks how are mummy ji and Amaya. Meera asks to call her mamma who knows everything about her. Masked man runs behind. Dolly enters and says she forgot to have sweet curd and feeds Meera. Vivaan reaches home and calls Amar out to talk to him. Meanwhile, Vivaan almost runs over Meera, who is distracted by visions of the heartbroken woman killing herself. Meera races to lounge room and seeing pooja happening figures the reason why didnt specialist uncle come at this point. He says it is none of her business. Pammi says if she had known Pammi, she would have informed already. She says how will a critical girls mother would be and continues her drama. Biji searches Meera at home and asks Dolly to inform Meera to apply master's sindoor on her forehead via Vivan Vivan enters. She comes up with a plan to steal it and put the blame on Vivan. She welcomes him to maata ki chowki at her home. Laali thinks what she will do now. She realizes she found burnt photo in corridor, that means Vivan burnt it. Meera asks what about his name tattoo on Paromitas neck. Later, Vivaan arrives home and flings the virginity test papers at Meera, demanding that she take the test. He throws it repeatedly in dustbin. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Amar proposes a deal to Vivaan and tricks him into accepting it. She tells doctor that she is Amayas sister-in-law and if she can sign. 2022 All rights reserved. My Heart Knows On Zee world, Monday 25th July 2022 Update, Guddan On ZeeOne, Monday 25th July 2022 Update, Meet In Love On Zeeworld, Monday 25th July 2022 Update, Meet In Love On Zeeworld, Sunday 24th July 2022 Update, Guddan On ZeeOne, Sunday 24th July 2022 Update, Bridal Material On Zeeworld, Monday 9th May 2022 Update, Twist Of Fate Season 1 On Zeeworld, Sunday 24th July 2022 Update, Age Is Just A Number On Zeeworld, Sunday 24th July 2022 Update, Mehek On ZeeOne, Sunday 24th July 2022 Update, I DO On Zeeworld, Sunday 24th July 2022 Update, This Is Fate On Zeeworld, Sunday 24th July 2022 Update. Police show up at specialists place. Later, Meera tries to get hold of the bombs remote by seducing Sunny. She signs papers.

She enjoys samosas. She finds Paromitas dairy in it. Silky takes a video of Meera and Sunny in a compromising position and shows it to Vivan. This decision is a big game changer for both Vivaan and Meera as it directly affects their relationship. You need to be logged in to continue. Biji givs him sindoor and requests to apply it on Meeras brow. Pammi sits into her car and thinks if she cannot go in front of her children, she can be around them at least. Cart detects weighty spout of air and figures it will rain soon. Masked man enters holding a gun. Vivaan decides to leave the house as Meera doesnt trust him, but Meera apologises to him. Pammi says she is injured and asks to take her to hospital. He searches the whole room. SEE ALSO:Married Again On Zee World Monday 4th July 2022 Update. Guru Mata gives Dolly prasad for Meera. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() );
Meera runs out of the building and at a far secluded place reads Paromitas diary about how much she loved Vivan and mad behind him. Roma continues her drama and says she will give her last drop of blood if it matches with Amayas. She envisions the episode where Paromita admits her affection for Vivan. Police arrive at the doctor's place. Meera breaks window glass with her hand injuring her hand. Meera reminisces her days. This makes Tulika unable to enter the house. Meera thinks he is lying again and says she wants to believe whatever he is saying, but the truth is different. Meera thinks Amaya gave her a number to call, calls it and finds it switched off, gets worried for Amaya. Vivan asks where is she. Meera confronts Vivan and says she will find out the truth and hopes she is proved wrong as she does not want to lose Vivan. Meera offers him tea.

She requests not to stop her as she also has AB negative blood like Amaya. Meera walks in and thanks Laali for her help on time and says only blood will help on time. Vivaan vows to make Meeras life miserable. Doctor treats Biji and informs Bijis condition is fine now.

Meera warns Silky and ends up throwing a challenge. Am a fun of telenovelas, that's why am here to keep you updated. She tries different combinations to open the locker, Vivans birth date, her birth date, Amayas birth date, etc.., and finally tries her and Vivans wedding date and locker opens. When the villagers accuse Amar of stealing the idol, Vivaan intervenes. Vivan confronts Amar and requests him to not get Meera married again. Nurse takes her in. Tulika tries to kill a girl in a bridal dress. Meera sadly walks out and sits on bench. She says Amaya. He says Balli grover. document.getElementById("ak_js_1").setAttribute("value",(new Date()).getTime()), Bridal material Wednesday 15th June 2022 Zee world, Bridal material Tuesday 14th June 2022 Zee world. Meera is shocked to see that pic and realizes Vivan is the man who Paromita loved. Meera dreams of the woman being rejected by the man she loves and facing grave danger. Coming up on ZeeWorld Bridal Material June 2022 Teasers: ZeeWorld Bridal Material June 2022 Teasers. He strolls to Meeeras room and seeing her serious figures she probably figured out truth, he needs to redirect her consideration. After some initial shock and a terrifying nightmare, Meera regains her vision. A spiteful, heartless Sunny puts forth carnal demands. She says she does not know which place is this, she took kidnappers phone and called him somehow and disconnects. He walks to Meeeras room and seeing her serious thinks she must have found out truth, he has to divert her attention. Doctor comes out hurriedly. During the Mata ki Chowki ritual, visions haunt Meera again. Vivaan beats up the goons and manages to escape. Later, Sunny arrives home and begs for forgiveness from the entire family. Vivaan is then arrested for murder. Vivan continues where is she, Amaya.. Vivan walks back in and hides seeing Mera. She walks to corridor to search clue and finds box hidden in ground. Nimmo agrees that her boyfriend gave her money. Desperate to save Vivaan, Meera says she will do anything Sunny wants. Meera is stunned to see that pic and acknowledges Vivan is the one who Paromita cherished. Overseer picks call and illuminates that specialist is killed. Meera reads letter and asks her to inform her if she gets any call. ironically the goons she hired dont know anything about Amaya as Pammi had hired them to kill Meera Kapoor. bierstadt northwest She reminisces Vivan trying to divert her attention and saying she is just imagining things and shouts it is truth of Vivans past. Meera, a free-spirited girl, who cares for people around her, is enrolled into a bride grooming school, by her parents. She pleds not to leave him and he leaves. She stops him and shouts he is a murderer and betrayer. She reaches Paromitas bungalow and searches for clues. He shows maatas sindoor. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Doctor in Hindi tells where was he, he should sign consent form if something happens to patient during operation, hospital is not responsible. Meera asks to call her boyfriend here. Dolly scolds what did she do now, she is a bad wife. Vivan overhears Meera confessing to her mother that she is still in love with him. A drunk Sunny breaks into the house with intentions of harming Meera. Guests clap for her. Daughter says she wants to play kabaddi. Meera gives her blood to Amaya. Meera says Vivan asked her to not enter hospital. Simultaneously, Sunny orders Meera to spend the night with him. Roma asks who is it, she will touch her feet and thank. Doctor comes out and informs that Amayas condition was very critical, but with blood transfusion, her condition has stabilized. Phoe gets detached. Meera takes over as CEO of Soni Kudi Academy and meets Tulika, a girl who reminds her of herself. Meera appears after having a talk with Sunny and announces that she will marry Sunny.

Later, she tries to tell Vivaan and Meera about what she saw, but they dont believe her. He asks UK doctor to get blood and he will pay any amount to save his sister. Vivan reminisces all sort of passwords except his name. sees Vivan speaking to doctor in a closed room and knocks door, but he cannot hear her. Tum Hum nawa.songplays in the background. Would love your thoughts, please comment. Meera sadly walks away. However, just then, bats enter and scare her away. She leaves. She finds Vivan and Paromitas different photographs and cries seriously acknowledging Vivan sold out her. Vivan looks at her. Meera says she did not and walks away. Vivan turns. Meera later challenges Silky claiming that she will never let her marry Vivaan, and later, plans a way out with Vivaan. She pleads not to leave him and he walks away. He does not. Pammi comes on wheelchair and thinks Amayas mother is near her. He shows maatas sindhoor. Meera passes by speaking to someone when Laali stops her and alleges if she is spying her and says she knows she slept in Vivans house yesterday and trying to patch up, people will badmouth about her family. Cart, Amar, Vivan with visitors supplicate Devi maaa and sing bhajan. Vivan says he cant adore her as he cherishes another person. Meera says if he signs, Amayas chances of survival are better. A free-spirited girl who wants to live life on her own terms, Meera values her uniqueness and is in search of a suitor who will accept her for the person she truly is. Sunny provokes Vivaan into testing Meeras loyalty by means of a virginity test. Your email address will not be published. Home Bridal material Wednesday 15th June 2022 Zee world. Nimmo says he left India as Meeras wedding drama was not ending at all. Next morning, Meera takes Soni Kudi Academy/SKAs responsibility. READ NEXT: Bridal material, Saturday 25th June 2022 update, Bridal material on zee world, Friday 24th June 2022 update, Click here to read Wednesday 22nd June 2022 update, July Picks: The Movies and TV You Can't Miss, 9 Must Try chest Exercises for Building Muscle. She imagines the incident where Paromita confesses her love for Vivan. She calls given number and thanks man for helping her. As Meera goes to check on Vivan, she later finds him sleeping in the kitchen and takes over the cooking. Laali pays for Bijis treatment and says family that they must be thinking she fights with Biji always, but she is also Bijis daughter and is worried for her. Meera insists. Vivaan informs the family that he has found an eye donor for Meera. Laali asks him not to forget her favor. Vivaan calls Meera to his room to romantically apologise for misunderstanding her. Later, as Vivan reaches Meeras house to stay, Amar tries to exact revenge on Vivan by mistreating him. Vivan says he will sign it as it is his sisters death certificate. She sees Romas drama showing fake concern for Amaya and thinks she knows Roma is behind Amayas condition, if something happens to her daughter, she will murder Roma. Meera is shocked to hear that and confronts devi maa why innocent people are killed, why she is not seeing ray of life, she will not pray to god from hereon and light temple lamps. FOR NEXT EPISODE ON YOUR FAVOURITE TELENOVELAS CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW. Meera says they will do whatever Tulika likes and asks mother to fill admission form.

Meera says he can check her account, its password is Vivan.

Vivan yells that she is no more related to her, asks inspector to meet lawyer for rest of formalities, shouts at Meera to get out of hosptial as guests are not allowed, only family members can stay here. Meera sadly walks in corridor when Nimmo emotionally hugs her from behind and apologizing for hurting her and says her familys sansar dont let them lie, she actually got a letter and money in her room. Later that night, Meera is shocked to find Silky and Vivan in a compromising position. Meera applies Mehdipur Balajis Henna on the houses entrance. After sometime, inspector comes and informs that he got Pammis details, she was operating from her old house with sim in her name. She walks away. He turns and sees Meera standing, gets tensed.

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