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If a rope breaks on your pool cover system, it is absolutely possible to repair it with the replacement options we offer. Reset any circuit breaker if tripped. This local professional will complete a free onsite estimate and . My cover has a broken rope and to replace the WHOLE cover cost $4000.00. Staff Details; Application Safety covers help in many ways, from keeping elements away to helping with chemical usage and evaporation.

Cover-Pools durable stainless steel guides are the perfect complement to the ultimate pool cover. Prior to that, we need to make sure this is a repair and not a replace instance. Need any help about Electric Swimming Pool Covers, contact at 905-882-7049 or writes us at Coverstar PowerFlex rope repair kit up to 50' trk. Reply With Quote. Specification: Max Flow Rate : 2,500 G.P.H Great entry-level automatic cover with the option to upgrade to fully motorized automatic at a later time. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, an automatic safety pool cover is the single best way to reduce heat loss and save on your pool's energy bill, primarily by preventing evaporation. Shop our Replacement Automatic Cover Fabric - Up To 499 SF in our Automatic Covers department at Royal Swimming Pools. Our Service Center locations keep a stock of the most commonly replaced parts on all systems to ensure we are prepared to repair your cover. 70% reduction in pool heating costs. Water accumulation is one of the leading causes of pool cover damage.Our pump automatically removes water at up to 2,500 gallons per hour to reduce stress on your pool cover. We offer new automatic pool cover systems, replacement fabrics, and all cover repairs for all brands of automatic pool covers. PRODUCT / SERVICES MAINTENANCE, SERVICE AND REPAIR: Automatic Pool covers require routine inspection to insure carefree operation and avoid costly repairs. Regular automatic pool cover maintenance will add years to all components and lower your overall cost of ownership.

Every 10 years, you can expect to replace the fabric, ropes, pulleys, and maybe the motor. Automatic Pool Covers (APC) OEM Part # CA0036. An average automatic pool cover costs between $6,000 and $15,000, depending on the size and build of your pool. Expensive: Automatic pool covers will add around $5-15,000 to your inground pool costs, depending on the size, and if you are trying to hide the cover reel and tracks.

Coverstar. Protect your family and your pool investment with our 18-ounce poured vinyl covers that experience very little shrinkage over time so we can . It's the answer. canopy replacement covers or farm and equipment covers; 10 ft. x 10 ft. tarp covers area of up to approximately 100 sq. BENEFITS: 1.5" Plumbing: 60 Gallons Per Minute Flow Rate.

If you need help building a quote on one of our Automatic pool cover kits or just have a general swimming pool related questions, please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-515-1747 or send an email, Replacement Automatic Cover Fabric - Up To 499 SF.

$178.00. Backed by a 10-year limited mechanism warranty, enjoy smooth operation and years of dependable use.

Free shipping. Our sizes range from carport covers that fit a 10'x10' frame to a 28'x60' frame. Simply type in a code and press a button or turn a key to cover your pool in less than a minute. IAPMO and NSF listed for Swimming Pools & Spas.

These costs can add up to around $2500, every . Over that you have to place two orders or call me. Rope repair kit up to 50' track-Sew in Rope. Our expert technicians are trained to service and repair any brand of automatic pool cover system. Call us today at (812) 449-5466 or send us a message.

Through the many options available, most pool shapes and sizes can be covered. The industry-standard for rope automatic pool cover systems, our Save-T 3 mechanism is designed to work with today's mineral sanitizers. Motor in need of service. Top Track Rope Tab Backing Plate. This is a how-to video on how to repair Pool Cover Specialists Automatic swimming pool cover rope. It's Simple Touch deployment, the touch of a button makes it the perfect choice for your swimming pool. Home; Church. 2-Hole Tab with 150' Rope. Add to Cart . Check pulleys, track and squareness. The rope seems incredibly . $1500 for rope replacement seems nuts since the parts cost isn't very high and the labor time even for 2 people isn't more than a few hours at most. For a larger pool with more complex features, a safety cover can cost upwards of $20,000. If unreadable or missing, contact harbor freight tools for a replacement. Auto cover fabric replacement can cost $2500, plus labor.

Automatic Pool Cover Rope Repair Kit 150 ft Compatible with Most Coverstar, . Recess into a High-density polyethylene box housing for pool cover.

A Cover-Pools automatic pool cover keeps kids and pets out of the pool, and heat and water in the pool. SHARE Description . An average automatic pool cover costs between $6,000 and $15,000, depending on the size and build of your pool. 2-Hole Tab with 150' Rope. " CoverStar installed a new automatic pool cover on our newly renovated pool May 7, 2020 and we are delighted with the result. The rope cannot be knotted because it has to slide in a track and the knot would be too bulky. The only tool needed is a 5/16 fid which costs about $10. an industry leading 7 year fabric and heat sealed webbing warranty, an industry first 2 year rope .

Type of track-under track, indeck or top track.

WE ALSO OFFER THESE SERVICES LISTED BELOW: 1. Eight colors available to fit into your pool landscape. Rope Adjustments - Automatic pool covers rely on a motor, ropes, and a pulley system. The Dealer wants $700 to fix it. A rubber mat on deck surface will impede the cover sticking to deck surface. If you want the lid of your auto cover to match the coping going around your pool, expect to pay closer to $15,000. Water in the tube where cover gets rolled. Go Back . Shipping cost, delivery date, and order total (including tax) shown at checkout. Gallery evansville pool covers. $198.00. Most models cost more than $10,000, not including the swimming pool. . A pool 'n pool auto cover will generally run $14,000 - $15,000. Trust the JANZ automatic pool cover pump pro kit designed specifically to be a practical and affordable draining solution. APC's THREESIXTYFIVE is the system of choice for vinyl liner pool owners who demand the very best for their backyard investment. $ 285.82. An automatic safety cover can start as low as $10,000 for a small, aftermarket deck install or a basic under track setup. .

Automatic Pool Covers (APC) OEM Part # CA0036. Save-T 3 (bigRED) Automatic Pool Cover Motor and Mechanism. Automatic Pool Covers, Inc. makes the toughest vinyl covers in the business. Auto Pool Reel.

The rope broke back by the spool. Re: Automatic Pool Cover problem. Email Addresses.

A Coverstar automatic cover delivers big savings automatically! Replacement Covers - Overstock; Electric Cover Pumps; Cover Patch Kits & Glue; Pool Cover Cleaner; Pool Cover Protectant; Cover Housing Lid Brackets; . Free Shipping! $10499.. 10x20 harbor freight hft replacement canopy top. If you have a pool in your backyard, adding a cover . Pool Cover Repair & Replacement Program. There are maintenance costs as well. The same thing has happened to me. Why Camp? Every pool cover is custom-made to fit your pool's size and shape with measurements based on a free onsite estimate conducted by a local professional.

We are grateful to Andrew Harris of Blue Diamond Pools for recommending CoverStar and for coordinating the project.

Each system includes stainless steel hardware. An automatic pool cover costs $8,000 to $20,000 on average with installation. 1.

Replacing an automatic pool cover costs $1,800 to $3,500 on average, depending on the fabric type . Using an automatic pool cover every day can also help save up . Hosting A Camp; Camp Forms; Staff. (800) 362-6837. Rope Reel Assembly S3000 A0164 Rope Reel Drive Assembly w/ one Deck LEFT / UT RIGHT A0165 Rope Reel Drive Assembly w/ one Deck RIGHT / UT LEFT A0406 Gear onversion Kit S3000 Deck RIGHT/ UT LEFT (gear assembly, shifting caps, gear shifting, screws, spring shifting) A0405 Gear onversion Kit S3000 Deck LEFT/ UT RIGHT Was $ 19.99 Save 15%. Our automatic pool covers for inground pools typically cost between $7,000 - $13,000, depending on your pool size and desired customization. Again, depending the size of the pool, expect to spend an additional 12 to 15 thousand dollars for this high end option. I want to throw up. Automatic pool cover: $10,000 - $20,000. Additional Contact Information. . During a visit with my wife and I at our house, a very well established pool builder (30+ years) strongly recommended against an automatic pool cover. Watch on. QTY box will only take up to 999. Our automatic pool covers can be used with an 8 diving board. $3.25 $2.98. Add to My List. Schedule your repair online or by giving us a call at 866-746-8444. It's convenient enough to use every day-whenever the pool is not being used. 150' Rope with Tab for Repair . It is called: Double Braid Class I End-For-End Splice.

It's electric. The complete unit includes a high-density poly box, coping .

Here are new gliders I plan on purchasing: Automatic Pool Cover Parts (and the corresponding right hand one) They are an additional $100 each with the PowerFlex rope already attached. Email this Business. Broken cover ropes can be repaired.

So a 20 x40 pool cover would be 840 sq feet and that number would replace the 1 in QTY box. This item: Generic Automatic Pool Cover Rope Repair Kit 135 ft Compatible with Most Coverstar, Pool Cover Specialists 2017 and up, and Any Systems That uses a 3 Hole Detachable Rope tab. APC 365. (770) 975-8998. Phone Numbers. . . Coverstar refuses to fix a cover that is older than three years, my cover is 6-7 years old. An automatic safety cover can start as low as $10,000 for a small, aftermarket deck install or a basic under track setup. I have found several replacement guns online for really cheap. Your local dealer will be able to provide you with a specific estimate and help you determine the right option for your pool and budget. In Stock. . Sewing Awl and Thread. Some pool contractors install the cover themselves while others .

Take care of your water chemistry, do not use an auto cover as a winter cover, keep your water level proper, and regular cleaning are the keys to automatic cover longevity. . Infinity Sports. I don't know what to suggest -- I'm not much of a do-it-yourself person. Some pool covers are made by laminating layers of vinyl together, which makes it more susceptible to shrinkage and other damage. If it is less than six years old with no chemical damage, replace the ropes. I purchased a . A professional will remove the old rope and install new replacement ropes.

At Tennessee Valley Pool & Spas we specialize in automatic safety covers. Read Also: Can Vdara Use Aria Pool. The ropes and pulleys on this pool cover model are stronger than the competition. Automatic pool cover replacement cost. Qty. The best automatic pool covers can help maintain a high temperature, but this can also be disadvantageous. Today, I'm going to show you how to do an automatic pool cover fabric replacement. Pool Prices. We offer service on COVERPOOLS, Automatic Pool Covers, AQUAMATIC and POOL COVER SPECIALIST. ft. Poly rope-reinforced hems around the edge with plastic cap-reinforced corners; . I researched and found a technique for end to end repair or splice with constant diameter. 90% reduction in evaporation. Our dealers currently enjoy a 4-5 day turn time on new system orders. 24 ft. x 36 ft. Silver/Heavy Duty Reflective All Purpose/Weather Resistant Tarp. Quote to repair from licensed installed is $500. 2" Plumbing: 100 Gallons Per Minute Flow Rate. Variations in monitors/devices and browsers may cause vinyl colors to appear differently on screen. Of the many options available today for in ground pools, automatic covers are one of the higher priced. HFT. Get rid of water from top of the cover by pumping or sweeping it out. The manual automatic cover system is designed for small to medium-sized pools and features a low-profile on-deck mounted track. Intex Above Ground Plunger Valves with Gaskets & Nuts Replacement Part (2 Pack) $17.35. Automatic Swimming Pool Covers - APC365 Specs. fponzani. Combined with custom-designed rope pulleys, the CS3000 is stronger than the competition . Auto Cover Replacement Fabric with ropes and color matched webbing for all makes.

Add to Cart. My COVERSTAR Pool cover's rope has broke and it is only 2 years old. Note: This range is a basic estimate, exact pricing will vary. Our automatic pool covers are available in 7 different colors. Pool Type-vinyl, fiberglass or gunite. You must, of course, factor in the expense of an automatic pool cover. The labor to install an auto cover increases the build of an inground pool roughly 1-2 days. OEM Part # M9863 * FREE ground shipping on orders over . As the ropes stretch from the weight on the cover, you will need to have them adjusted so the cover material continues to come out square to the shallow end of the pool. This suprised me, considering he would make more money if we included it in the build.

Rope repairs can be tricky, but with the proper equipment and time you can repair your own broken ropes. First we will want to know the age of the automatic pool cover. A Coverstar cover system installed by Premier Pool & Spa can save up to 70% on pool heating costs. Primary Fax. A Corr-Resist shield encases the stem to prevent corrosion between the guide and the track, the guides are shaped with a rope funnel to account for less-than-perfect pulley alignment, and the built-in sensor holder and wire routing are integrated into the guides. $ 10.51. Comes with Chemical resistant webbing. Industry-leading turnaround times! Our automatic pool cover systems comprise revolutionary construction and innovative design - we're committed to safer, more efficient pool environments. If you are wanting a safe and trouble free automatic pool cover, contact Tri-State Pool Covers. If the weather is scorching. Freight is by UPS heavy up to 1000 sq ft. It is a lot of work and will take a lot of time.Dan Wilson3 months agoPost. Water on cover making it heavier. Tom. 04-08-2011 08:27 PM #5. I will try one of these soon to see how much better it works. $ 285.82. An automatic pool cover is a fade-resistant, retractable cover that moves along a track mounted on or under the pool decking. The average cost to replace an automatic cover fabric is 2500 to 3 thousand dollars. 50% reduction in electricity costs. Fax Numbers. . 15 years ago. $85.00 - $150.00 . #ACR499SF . Other Phone. The cost includes the manufacturing of the pool cover, shipping, and installation . rope replacement kit w/screws (aut-701-1118) Product # : AUT-701-1118 Mfg : AUTOMATIC POOL COVERS INC Save on heat, water, electricity and chemicals. Reduces the need for flow-reducing couplings. Including replacing broken ropes and motors. Pool builder says automatic cover is not worth the cost. . Comes with unique Invisa-Rope that matches non-skid coping. An automatic pool cover slides on and off your pool with push-button convenience, to protect your pool, and most importantly, your loved ones. Add for From: $ 95.00. $144.99 Only 4 left in stock - order soon. It's fully automatic. The cover is retracted with a "hand crank" and extended over the pool by pulling a rope connected to a handle. It's technology. I'm buying a new glider to take the rope (since I don't have any confidence in sewing in a new one). Automatic Pool Covers.

. When the Coverstar safety cover system is covering . DELUXE COVER CLEANING*: CLEAN POOL COVER WITH SPECIALLY . Add to Cart. Built with stainless-steel hardware with anodized aluminum frame and brackets to prevent corrosion.

A Coverstar inground pool cover is the best protection available for your family and your pool investment!

Rope Attachment: Choose Corner Type: Any Additional Comments: See More Choices. Cover Care technicians are trained to service and repair all brands of automatic pool covers: Automatic Pool Covers Inc., Aquamatic, Cover Pools, Coverstar and Pool Cover Specialists. . Replacement ropes can cost $400.00 - $700.00 to replace. Cover stuck to deck surface. Suitable for Above & Below-ground installation. Our technicians are certified to repair, replace and install Coverstar pool cover systems in the Knoxville area! This unit is a unique combination of a high-performance, year-round automatic safety cover and long-lasting pool coping system. The Coverstar CS3000 mechanism is engineered with heavy-duty marine-grade anodized aluminum components.

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